Do Not Ignore Us Please

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November 14th was World Diabetes Day.  Oh you did not know?  Maybe this is because the “media” does a great job in pushing this epidemic off.  Millions of Americans have either type 1 or type two diabetes and 76 million more are what they call pre-diabetic.  I have always wondered if this is like almost pregnant.


Hollywood likes to jump on the aids and breast cancer band wagons, and I am happy money is raised for these diseases but did you know diabetes kills more people than those two horrific diseases combined.  Now with changes to our heath care less may be covered by insurance.  With taxes on devices to help fight diabetes, each component being taxed these necessary devises may become so expensive insurance companies will stop covering their costs.


Right now one medication I need is not covered by insurance.  If I use it it will cost me more than 500 dollars a month.  Another has a co pay of 100 dollars, my other meds have a co pay of 2 to 44 dollars.  Yet those who are putting this new healthcare system in place ignore diabetics.  The result more of us will wind up in emergency rooms with high or low blood sugar episodes, at a cost much higher than if my meds or devises were to be covered.


Why is this happening?  If it is because those who wrote this law are just not informed, shame on them; if there is another reason, well I do not want to go there yet.  Are you a diabetic, or do you know one?  If so join the fight during Diabetes month.  Let your representatives know how you feel.


I received this letter from the American Diabetes Association:

Dear vince,

Right now, Congress is considering ways to lower the deficit. We need to make sure spending cuts don’t sever the lifeline diabetes research and programs provide to the nearly 105 million Americans with diabetes and prediabetes. Now is the time to tell your Members of Congress how important diabetes research and prevention programs are to you and your community.

With Congress just returning to Washington during the Research!America coalition’s Week of Action for Biomedical and Health Research, we must act together to bring attention to the importance of programs at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Division of Diabetes Translation (DDT) at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the impact the cuts being discussed on Capitol Hill would have on diabetes research and programs to prevent and manage diabetes.

Act now and click here to call your Members of Congress and tell them not to cut diabetes research and prevention funding. Calling is easy and only takes a couple of minutes! When you click here, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to make your call, including talking points for what to say.

This week is our chance to tell our Members of Congress diabetes is an epidemic our nation cannot afford to ignore. While we support fiscal responsibility, we cannot balance the budget on the backs of people with diabetes. vince, let your voice be heard by calling Congress today, and letting your Members know cutting diabetes research and prevention programs will create problems, not solve them

This is so important if we are going to be successful in finding a CURE FOR DIABETES.  It is as I have posted before a nasty disease which can attack your eyes, feet, arteries, heart and the list goes on and on.  Diabetics continue your individual fight but join the ADA in making sure those who put a healthcare system in place without knowing the consequences become aware of the terrible effects of a disease which knows no sex, ethnicity or political party.  Please help me in getting the word out.  THANK YOU!



  1. Linda Unger says:

    Prediabetes is a real medical condition, Vince. Nearly everyone who develops Type II has it first. It is when your fasting plasma glucose is consistently higher than normal, but not over 126 mg/dL which is Dx for diabetes. It’s at this point that doctors try to get prediabetic patients to prevent the development of Type II diabetes by losing weight, exercising, and modifying their diet. More than half of these patients, if they do this, will be able to return their FPG to normal.